About Bun Bun Studios

This is the part where most people would put that they are very passionate about games and they already assembled a bunch of developers from famous studios that have already published a few game titles. But we do not have a team like that, we are as indie as it gets, and we are passionate about games especially Action RPGs.

But we can say that we’re a team of dedicated programmers and artists with in-depth understanding and extensive experience in the games development.

Our 2D or 3D assets and code are tailored to work efficiently and beautifully in games. In addition, our programmers and artists work together to ensure the seamless integration of assets and code, minimising problems that crop up later to reduce development costs.

Since 2010, we’ve developed and sold highly modular as well as extensible Unity packages that features a wide range of functionally as demonstrated on YouTube.

We appreciate any support we can get including just following us on social media or take part in any future campaign.

A video demonstration of our Unity packages.

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